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Wandering paintingHi,
My favorite painting just came home. It’s been very busy since I painted it in 1994. I was in the habit of lending my paintings where I thought they’d do some good, and putting them up for sale when they felt like they needed to go to folks I didn’t know. This painting went to folks who needed heart-healing of some sort. The first guy who had it finally married in his late 40s, then gave it to me and before I even had a chance to take it out of my car that evening, it went immediately to someone who was working on their own healing process, then later to someone working through a difficult relationship. Most recently, it was being stored at a house that sold much faster than expected, so it was returned to me before their packing/moving started.
The photo only “sorta” captures the painting. The painting was done with Liquitex paint that reflects differently depending on your position relative to the surface.



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Here are some “postcards” from my imagination.

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