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(Note: I was looking for topics to write on and requested that some friends think of random ones. This is the first of several from those contributions.)

Bath or Shower?

My answer is both.

The Bath

The bath goes back to the womb. Baths have a nurturing element to them, taking the time to soak fully in the warm water. Baths have potential for shifting energy, in any direction. Baths have healing potentials, as well. I’ve used all sorts of stuff to shift all sorts of things with baths.

Another advantage of the bath is that the soak is usually long enough to soften layers of dead skin, so that it can be gently removed by loofah or pumice stone with little effort. Clearing the dead skin off gives a much healthier look to the body.
Here are the main bath versions I’ve tried and enjoyed:

Sea Salt
A twenty minute sea salt (1-2 lb per tub) bath (1/2 measure baking soda optional) will clear the auric field of the usual build-up of negative energies that accumulates in daily life.

Essential Oils
A few drops of essential oils (single notes or blends) can revive (mints, rosemary) or calm (chamomile, lavender). For women, there’s usually heart/emotional support with more floral scents such as roses. For men, sandalwood or vetiver is often supportive. (Be careful of slippery surfaces when using oils. Don’t overdo it- 6-7 drops is plenty for a tub. Do a little homework, some essential oils are not recommended for contact with mucous membranes.)

Flower or Other (Gem, Star, etc.) Essences
These are vibrational medicines, not oils, and they are usually ingested. However, here, the idea is to add the vibration of the essence to your bath. Again, go easy, a few drops goes a long way. It’s a gentle way to use the essence, and continue your work with it. Some of my favorite essence sources are:

Flower Essence Services
http://www.fesflowers.com This site is for one of the most widely distributed (in my experience) lines of flower essences. My favorite in their line is Yarrow Special Formula. It is the best essence I’ve found for sensitive folks who are uncomfortable having to deal with high-density situations, for folks who need help strengthening auric boundaries, for folks whose fields get fried by exposure to a lot of electromagnetic equipment (computers, wireless, etc.).

Pegasus Products
http://www.pegasusproducts.com Pegasus is one of the most diverse producers of flower essences I know. They literally have thousands of essences. They also have gem, inert gas, and starlight essences. The books by Fred Rubenfeld and Gurudas are excellent guides to the origins and uses for many of the essences.

Botanical Alchemy
I like this line very much. What they do, they do very well. I strongly recommend both the delphinium for working on guilt issues, and the fuschia for getting to hidden issues. Most of the products are synergistic blends.

Australian Bush Flower
http://www.ausflowers.com.au/ A very different native Australian set of essences. I was drawn to using the Sturt Desert Pea essence for grief and it was more effective than any of the other remedies I tried including homeopathic ignatia. I also like their Meditation blend.

Korte Phi
This company has developed an essence that supports connecting with dolphin energies–Delph. During a time when I was strongly drawn to dolphin energies, I used it, and I recommend it for connecting more easily to dolphins. Korte Phi also carries an interesting and expanding line of flower essences.

Bach Flower Essences
http://www.bachcentre.com:80/ http://www.nelsonbach.com/ These are probably the 38 essences best known to Americans. Most folks learn about the essences through exposure to these essences and books on Bach’s work. My experience is that while generally effective, 38 of anything doesn’t quite solve all the various and diverse emotional needs currently arising.

http://www.perelandra-ltd.com/ Machaelle Small Wright heads up a sort of American Findhorn. She works extensively with the devic realms and produces several lines of essences at her center in Virginia. These lines include an excellent Rose essence group, a garden essence group, and a soul ray group.

Desert Alchemy
http://www.desert-alchemy.com/ Sort of like Australian Bush Flower, they make plant/flower essences from the Arizona Desert flora.

Seaweeds are amazingly wonderful for skin detoxing and nurturing. I recommend the Crystal Star Hot Seaweed Bath. It’s a bit like the easier home version of the spa seaweed wrap.
I also buy a net shower cap thingy and use it as the seaweed teabag by putting the seaweed in and rubber banding it closed. (It also makes it easy to spread the seaweed gel stuff over yourself.) Otherwise loose seaweed will totally clog your drain and ruin your relaxing experience as you get aggravated trying to clear your drain.

Liquid Needles baths
DNR sells a variety of health related products. I use the bath line far more than any other line of their products. I have found them very effective per their purposes. I’ve even experienced meridian shifts while using them. It’s important to keep up with drinking enough water and otherwise treating yourself healthily while going thru any of these bath regimens.

And let’s not forget the simple delight of the bubble bath, a childhood favorite that’s easy to create and generally nurturing and cheering.

I’ve also tried some baths that achieved their purpose yet had an unwanted effect. For example, Buddha’s Palm bath is effective for purification/clearing. It combines limes and turmeric in the hot bathwater, but the turmeric soaks into your skin, rendering it indelibly yellow for a while.

Your experience for any of these baths may vary from mine. Please use common sense, your intuition, whatever discernment process you prefer.


Well, the first joy of showers is in its mimicking of the rain shower. Depending on its design, you can aim the spray at most or all of your body. It’s a very pleasant sensation.
It’s also generally much shorter than a bath and purposed towards a quick effective cleaning rather than anything further than that. When it goes longer, it often is about pain relief through using a directional spray of warm to hot water to help loosen the muscle and release the pain.
Given the tiny-ness of modern bathtubs, showers are also easier to share with a “special” friend for a sensual moment.

Adding to a shower experience
There are varieties of spray arrangements to meet any desire for water restriction or intensity. Lately, I’ve seen some great wide shower heads that more obviously mimic rain.
There are options to filter the water (especially for removing chlorine) at the shower head or add a vibrational shift at the shower head by adding crystals or stones into the shower head. Whether you use filters or stones, change them out on a timely basis.

As for adding an aromatherapy element, similar to essential oil baths, scented shower gels and soaps can add a brief lift/shift. (I’d look for organic versions if possible. You don’t need essence of pesticide mixed in.)

Baths and showers have their uses.
Showers are great for daily efficient cleaning. Taking the time for a bath on a regular basis can be quite therapeutic. If you take only one bath in a month, I’d make it a sea salt bath in the gibbous moon phase time – the 2-3 days before the new moon – to clear the auric field at the moon time of highest release possibilities.



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“We are All Related”.

Usually when non-Native Americans hear these words they take

them to mean only the two-leggeds, the human beings.

When they make that assumption, they lose sight of the fact that they

exist surrounded by All of Spirit’s Creations: the four-leggeds, the

six-leggeds, the eight-leggeds, and all the rest of the other brothers,

“things” like plants, and the big rock we stand on, the Earth Mother.

They separate themselves out, and forget that for them to continue to

be alive, all the relations have got to share and sometimes sacrifice.

But you can’t expect people who can barely see “the brotherhood of

all human beings” to put down their weapons and defense systems

(personal and national) and realize the Oneness of Spirit.

You can however hold your vision out to those people as glasses

they can borrow until their sight improves.

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Here’s another highly under-rated concept/thought-form.

Do you realize that everything is made of the same stuff and it’s only our perceptions that create the differences?

Everything is energy (or atomic particles if you stop it to look at it). As a matter of fact, one of my many paintings is called ‘Wavicles’ as a way of capturing the in-between-ness of the nearly seen.

It is our own perceptions, our own judgements, our own notions that create the world we see around us. A profoundly depressed person finds a world of limitations, of negativity everywhere. For a joyous ecstatic person, the boundaries are limitless, infinite love is everywhere. We all are artists, constantly creating the stuff of our lives, attracting that which helps to further help us perceive ourselves.

Remembering that the negativity and the infinite love are made of exactly the same stuff, and that we all have choice about what we create (through our perceptions) with that stuff, is a beginning for an interesting journey.

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There’s a great book out there on busting through creative blocks, called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.
One of the best exercises given is “morning pages” where you write 3-4 pages of whatever’s on your mind every morning for about an hour or so. An alternative might be to draw 3-4 quick sketches/doodles within an hour or so- whatever’s around you.

When I explained this to someone who was blocked, they refused because they saw no point to producing balderdash on a regular basis.

They couldn’t see that the point of allowing the balderdash is to tell the inner critic/perfectionist to just HUSH! That’s who’s set the blockade- after all. Only “perfect” words may pass.

Bull! Let all the inner your bits (child/adult/prankster/etc.) have equal time, or at least more time, to talk. And you clear out all the woulda coulda shoulda mess, too. It gets cleaner over time, because you vomitted it up enough times, even you get tired of it, so you clear the junk out of the pipes. (pardon the crude imagery)

When you’re blocked, you can’t hear the Muse for all the “balderdash” and the inner critic’s pronouncements. Bust down all that self-criticism and just do it.

You don’t know what you’ll get when you step out of your own way. But it’s a lot better than staring at a blank page/canvas, self-censoring every possibility.

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An old wiseguy I once knew, said something like—
Ya wanna feel alive?……Do a creative thing every hour.

He wuz one o’dem crazy wisdom task-masters.
{Gotta look out for dem. (in mo’ ways dan one)}

Dey gives youse a task, see, jus’ a li’l t’ing,
and de next t’ing ya know, youse gots some o’dat crazy wisdom, ya-self….
Whether ya wann’ed it,… or not.

An’ another t’ing….
Can’t mix no crazy wisdom up wit’ no book learnin’ – makes ’em both *real* itchy.

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Hey! You! Artist-person there….. How’d’ya choose yer colors?…..

The Lie—
I considered my subject carefully, I decided what palette would best evoke the feelings I want to convey about the subject, and I made up the palette.

One of the Truths—
I just remembered what the piece looked like after I had finished—before I started.

One of the Truths—
I just grabbed the first tube my hand came to, and honestly, I didn’t think about anything else until I finished.

One of the Truths—
I always start with this color because I feel good about it.

One of the Truths—
I don’t know….not consciously, anyway…how do you choose to breathe?

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(*!splash!*…….gentle breathing….)

The world is filled with such amazing beauty that few people take the time to see.
Every living thing is a wonder.
The way they move, the way they grow and change, the flow of energy consciously (and unconsciously) being guided to make so many things happen at the same miraculous time.
There is so much beauty found in watching that flow happen…..

So much beauty, that connecting to it can be incredibly catalytic.

Once you can see the flow in one living thing, it’s easier to find it in others.
It’s easier to see the whole of life as a flow.

And once you see the Flow (the Tao),

you realize (among many other things) why people must make art and music…

because they have glimpsed it,too, and cannot express their discoveries in words.

Words are inadequate, because they are by nature, finite and definable.
Words are a known quantity, else they could not be used to communicate between two strangers.
Words begin and end. They do not flow. Even Joyce’s best streams eventually ran dry.

Art, though limited by the boundaries of space, captures the moment of flow as seen by one person.

That unique view does not communicate in a commonly definable way. Different people will find their own reactions and explanations for the Art. It provokes, it evokes in an immediate way because there is no translation as with words into concept streams.

Sight connects immediately.

In the same way, music, limited by the boundaries of silences, captures flow as expressed directly for the ear. There is no translation. It, too, is direct, in a way that words can never be.

(….time to swan dive back into the flow…*!splash!*)

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