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As you can tell from my archives, I only blog when I feel like I have something to say. Those feelings come and go. But when they hang around for a while, I guess it’s time to write again.

I moved to a new city last year. I was primarily contracting for a company with a work-from-home policy and around 2014/2015, it cut the policy, forcing folks back into cube farms. There wasn’t enough work offered where I was living, I had been poaching work that was meant to be done in another city, but could be done from home, also.

So, needing work, I moved in Fall 2015 to the corporate headquarters city so I could be where the work was. It hasn’t been easy. The new city has higher prices for most things, the now-typical lack of affordable housing, a distinct lack of good Chinese food (my Hong Kong born Lyft driver said that he and his wife often drive several hundred miles to a city in another state to eat authentic Chinese food- I believe him- I loved the food there, too.), and an odd cluster-clique format in its social life. It also has a relative lack of historical preservation as best I can tell. Other places I’ve lived have had more of an identity.

I still  haven’t been able to quite feel at home yet. But they do have lots of trees everywhere, and that cheers me up and gives me hope.

One very positive thing is my interest in being creative has returned a bit. It was nearly non-existent except for occasional jewelry pieces during the last 8 years in the previous city.

I have entered into the Twitter Art Exhibit postcard art for charity event in 2017, and I’m starting to doodle with markers on watercolor weight postcards. There’s at times a garish brightness, and I’m still following up on my marker options. I understand acrylic and color pencil, but markers are a new medium for me. Only one card can be entered. I expect I’ll be mailing the runner-ups to amused friends.

I have also decided to see what I can produce for Nanowrimo 2016 – the official goal being 1667 words every day in November – theoretically forming a 50,000 word novel. It’ll be an interesting challenge.

I hope you are enjoying your current creative endeavors, too.

(I just noticed this was only about 400 words- it helps me realize what I’ve gotten myself into for November… 😀 )

Wishing you all much wonderfulness!







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While Harlan Ellison brought me to the dance of speculative fiction, it was Iain Banks who consistently amazed me with his cool moves. He moved easily between genres and was incredibly original in his novels. I loved Feersum Endjinn, written phonetically to convey the sound of its characters speech patterns. I loved the twists and ethics questions in Complicity. He built a realistic world to the levels of economics and diplomacy for his Culture novels.

Yes, I admit to being dazzled by the techno-razzmatazz of the cyber-punks, and danced to their tunes for awhile. But I always came back to Banks for his solid story-telling.

I shared tears with many today on hearing of this great man’s passing. And I will join them all in the wake that reading his last novel – The Quarry – will provide. (The Quarry follows the life of a man terminally ill with cancer.)

I join Neil Gaiman in urging folks to read Bank’s works. If it helps, he published mysteries and other novels under Iain Banks and added the middle initial “M” to his science/speculative fiction work.


As I grow older, deaths of those near to me, and those familiar to me, remind me ever more deeply of the beauty that is human life. There are gentle vulnerable fragilities, robust joys and passions, as well as the simple mundane bits of the day to day, and much, much, more than all that. It is so easy to sleep-walk through it all and miss the wonder.

Life is meant to be lived fully – to be appreciated and enjoyed. If you can’t quite understand that, as Maurice Chevalier said- “Consider the alternative”.

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There’s a great book out there on busting through creative blocks, called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.
One of the best exercises given is “morning pages” where you write 3-4 pages of whatever’s on your mind every morning for about an hour or so. An alternative might be to draw 3-4 quick sketches/doodles within an hour or so- whatever’s around you.

When I explained this to someone who was blocked, they refused because they saw no point to producing balderdash on a regular basis.

They couldn’t see that the point of allowing the balderdash is to tell the inner critic/perfectionist to just HUSH! That’s who’s set the blockade- after all. Only “perfect” words may pass.

Bull! Let all the inner your bits (child/adult/prankster/etc.) have equal time, or at least more time, to talk. And you clear out all the woulda coulda shoulda mess, too. It gets cleaner over time, because you vomitted it up enough times, even you get tired of it, so you clear the junk out of the pipes. (pardon the crude imagery)

When you’re blocked, you can’t hear the Muse for all the “balderdash” and the inner critic’s pronouncements. Bust down all that self-criticism and just do it.

You don’t know what you’ll get when you step out of your own way. But it’s a lot better than staring at a blank page/canvas, self-censoring every possibility.

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We are not solid.

Nothing around us is.

We and all of reality are composed of atoms, molecules, tiny energy

packets that have a lot of space around them and in them.

It is our perception that creates solidity.

The more solid you ‘make’everything, the slower the energy goes.

The slower the energy, the more out of pace with Life at its most


Loosen Up, Soften Up,

Let Love, Light and Life move with you and thru you.

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Thought-bubbles: 003

Respect yourself.

If you do not respect yourself, you give other people permission not to respect you.

Respect your body’s needs. Respect your emotional needs.

Respect your intellectual needs. Above all, respect your spiritual needs.

Spend enough time with yourself to know the difference between your

wants and your needs.

Fulfill your every need to the best of your ability,

then see how many wants are still hanging around.

Remember, be gentle with yourself.

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Time is a funny thing. Most people claim they don’t have enough of it.

They really have much more than they usually think they do. It’s just

that the habitual things they do, have worn grooves into their time

perception. Some habits, like brushing your teeth, are rather benign

and may actually be good for you. But who says that when you go to

work you can’t go anywhere else in between? Who says that when you

leave work you have to go straight home, rather than stopping at a

park for a walk, or to fly a kite? Who says that when you get home you

have to watch television? If there are so many things you’d rather be

doing, what are you doing watching reruns of reruns? Who says that

you can’t take a nap when you get home and be up and more

productive later?

Think about how you actually use your 24 hours.

Every second belongs to you.

Figure out how your habits eat your time.

Figure out whether your habits or your free time are worth more to you.

Act in your best interest.

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Last week, I took a couple hours to listen to  listen to Esther, Jerry Hicks , and Abraham as channeled by Esther. Hays House, their publisher did a 2 hour call-in event with them, in conjunction with their new book on the Vortex. 

I quickly realized what they call the Vortex, I call the Void. Void may sound empty, but in my way of understanding, it’s the starting  place for all the stuff folks manifest, whether they mean to or not. (I don’t experience a spinning with it, so I’ll keep my name for it.) 

In any case, they made some very good points from the variety of  situations called in.  Folks would call in tar-baby-stuck to their problems and wanting to talk about their problems. Yep. Problems are some serious business when you’re giving them all of your energy.

Abraham would unwind them a bit and  show them that it’s the higher vibe solution you want to spend the time  and energy on, not the low vibe problem.

Borrowing sideways from Carolyn Myss- where is all that problem focused energy going? to the past to hold you stuck there longer? to the  future – carrying the past over to the other side? Or can you loosen up enough from all that stuck-ness to see that the present is where the Void lives and anything is possible through the choices made in the present.

So in the present moment,  switch your energy flow. Cut the attention juice going to the problem (past or future) and redirect the flow to raising your present vibration to match a better direction, to match what you really want in your life. You don’t need to know every detail about it, you just need to bring up your feelings into the joy-bliss mode and hold space for what you’d prefer to be happening in your life. Void can now get busy heading you in the better direction now that you’ve shown it the higher energy to start building something better for you. 

Don’t get me wrong, the more specific, the more you believe/energize/intend this manifestation to be real NOW in your life, the faster things can come flying in for you. But you don’t have to have all the details when you start. You just need to start- now!

Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause every little thing gonna be alright… (Bob Marley)

You can’t manifest for someone else, you can’t have a power-over thing as your intention without manifesting negative karma. It’s a free-will world out there, and forcing your intentions on anyone else is way-un-cool.

For example, you can manifest a loving relationship, but you can’t choose who shows up for it.  Showing up for it is the free will choice of the other possible persons. 

You can send folks energy to use with the intention that it goes for their highest and best good.  That’s what healing prayers are about. But it’s up to them to accept that the healing is possible. 

That’s why closed-minded skeptics prove themselves right over and over. They create their own reality where they expend lots of energy blocking anything “woo-woo” that could ever happen near them.  (They usually have a high degree of control-freak-itude – if it can’t be controlled (or appear to be controlled) they don’t want it near them)

I’ve seen (with confirmation from other sources) someone be fully healed yet because they were so aligned to their past health victim role, they died shortly after. You can manifest a healing for yourself, but you also have to be ready to accept what that really means in your life. It’s all about free-will choices made in the present moment.

Carolyn Myss talks about why people don’t heal. For the most part,  it’s because they’re not ready to give up the attention and concern that being sick, being a victim buys them. They have a low-vibe groove, a rut, and for them, there’s more comfort in the known than the unknown.

As another channeled guy- Seth- once said- the point of power is Now. And Ram Dass said Be here, now.

Both guys were pointing to the fact that if you want to connect into the power of the Now,  you have to choose to be there. errrr, Here. (grin)

That’s what meditation is about- holding the sense of what is exactly *-now-* Meditating builds those “now-muscles” so that you can better focus on “what condition your condition is in” (vanilla fudge) and raise your vibe/energy in the now, to show the Void the best juice to build your intentions/prefered manifestations. 

You can also go *-here-* by going into the flow doing a creative/blissful thing where you have no past/future sense, just surfing the Now.

Abraham (channeled by Hicks) essentially said that the more time you spend vibrationally aligned to your solution, the more you attract the elements that support its manifestation.

To borrow the cliched parking spot example, it’s not enough to “see” the parking spot, you have to align to/be in the joy you have in finding it. You have to “know” that it’s real.

Well, that’s my ramble on manifestation. Destiny is always yours to manifest. It’s a free-will world y’all. Beautiful and existentially terrifying as it is.


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