Thought-bubbles: 011

There’s a great book out there on busting through creative blocks, called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.
One of the best exercises given is “morning pages” where you write 3-4 pages of whatever’s on your mind every morning for about an hour or so. An alternative might be to draw 3-4 quick sketches/doodles within an hour or so- whatever’s around you.

When I explained this to someone who was blocked, they refused because they saw no point to producing balderdash on a regular basis.

They couldn’t see that the point of allowing the balderdash is to tell the inner critic/perfectionist to just HUSH! That’s who’s set the blockade- after all. Only “perfect” words may pass.

Bull! Let all the inner your bits (child/adult/prankster/etc.) have equal time, or at least more time, to talk. And you clear out all the woulda coulda shoulda mess, too. It gets cleaner over time, because you vomitted it up enough times, even you get tired of it, so you clear the junk out of the pipes. (pardon the crude imagery)

When you’re blocked, you can’t hear the Muse for all the “balderdash” and the inner critic’s pronouncements. Bust down all that self-criticism and just do it.

You don’t know what you’ll get when you step out of your own way. But it’s a lot better than staring at a blank page/canvas, self-censoring every possibility.


Thought-bubbles: 010

An old wiseguy I once knew, said something like—
Ya wanna feel alive?……Do a creative thing every hour.

He wuz one o’dem crazy wisdom task-masters.
{Gotta look out for dem. (in mo’ ways dan one)}

Dey gives youse a task, see, jus’ a li’l t’ing,
and de next t’ing ya know, youse gots some o’dat crazy wisdom, ya-self….
Whether ya wann’ed it,… or not.

An’ another t’ing….
Can’t mix no crazy wisdom up wit’ no book learnin’ – makes ’em both *real* itchy.

Thought-bubbles: 009

Hey! You! Artist-person there….. How’d’ya choose yer colors?…..

The Lie—
I considered my subject carefully, I decided what palette would best evoke the feelings I want to convey about the subject, and I made up the palette.

One of the Truths—
I just remembered what the piece looked like after I had finished—before I started.

One of the Truths—
I just grabbed the first tube my hand came to, and honestly, I didn’t think about anything else until I finished.

One of the Truths—
I always start with this color because I feel good about it.

One of the Truths—
I don’t know….not consciously, anyway…how do you choose to breathe?

Thought-bubbles: 008

(*!splash!*…….gentle breathing….)

The world is filled with such amazing beauty that few people take the time to see.
Every living thing is a wonder.
The way they move, the way they grow and change, the flow of energy consciously (and unconsciously) being guided to make so many things happen at the same miraculous time.
There is so much beauty found in watching that flow happen…..

So much beauty, that connecting to it can be incredibly catalytic.

Once you can see the flow in one living thing, it’s easier to find it in others.
It’s easier to see the whole of life as a flow.

And once you see the Flow (the Tao),

you realize (among many other things) why people must make art and music…

because they have glimpsed it,too, and cannot express their discoveries in words.

Words are inadequate, because they are by nature, finite and definable.
Words are a known quantity, else they could not be used to communicate between two strangers.
Words begin and end. They do not flow. Even Joyce’s best streams eventually ran dry.

Art, though limited by the boundaries of space, captures the moment of flow as seen by one person.

That unique view does not communicate in a commonly definable way. Different people will find their own reactions and explanations for the Art. It provokes, it evokes in an immediate way because there is no translation as with words into concept streams.

Sight connects immediately.

In the same way, music, limited by the boundaries of silences, captures flow as expressed directly for the ear. There is no translation. It, too, is direct, in a way that words can never be.

(….time to swan dive back into the flow…*!splash!*)

Thought-bubbles: 007

I have learned the hard way that no matter what mask, what costume

you put on, someone can see right through it.

Your aura tells the world everything.

Your emotional state flutters through as a sort of colored plasma.

Your physical state is visible on a variety of levels, most easily as

patterns of increased and decreased light.

(As you might suspect, illness is darkness.)

Be gentle with yourself.

Send loving light to all parts of your body (seen and unseen).

Love yourself as you would have others love you.

Love others as you love yourself.

Love is an incredibly powerful force.

It can and will change our worlds if we use it.

Thought-bubbles: 006

We are not solid.

Nothing around us is.

We and all of reality are composed of atoms, molecules, tiny energy

packets that have a lot of space around them and in them.

It is our perception that creates solidity.

The more solid you ‘make’everything, the slower the energy goes.

The slower the energy, the more out of pace with Life at its most


Loosen Up, Soften Up,

Let Love, Light and Life move with you and thru you.

Thought-bubbles: 004

Art is an expression of humans trying to convey emotions (usually).

Why are so many men (as opposed to women) artists? Because they

have a much harder time understanding or even feeling their own


I don’t deny that women can have that same problem. It’s just that it’s

easier for men to understand emotion visually, outside themselves

than to try to cope with the feelings inside.

This observation is not meant to further separate the genders.

Only to give both of them something to consider as a possibility.