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Made you l@@k!

Everyone wants to know revealed secrets, figuring they’ve been secrets because there’s something bad that’s been repressed. Somehow knowing about someone else’s bad moment makes you feel better because you didn’t have that experience.

Well, I’m taking that sideways and revealing the wonderfulness.

I figure if I don’t cheer for me, if I don’t love all of me, I certainly can’t expect anyone else to do so.

  1. I am brilliant and quick to learn new things that are abstract and not physical. I completed high school and my bachelor’s degree each in about three years. I also completed a law degree while working  as an IT programmer/analyst with on-call duties.
  2. I am creative and am great at expressing myself artistically with acrylics and colored pencils. There is a joy in capturing a snippet of the flow on paper or canvas.
  3. I guess you could say I am great at “training” husbands for other people.  Of the 3 guys I dated for  six months or longer, all 3 married soon after and are still quite happily married, one for nearly twenty years by now. I didn’t have any intentions about it, things just turned out this way. In any case,  I am very happy that they are all still happy.
  4. I am great at coming up with unique and useful solutions to difficult problems. I look for ways to create harmony and fairness in what I do daily.
  5. I am a great amateur astrologer. Having studied the cyclical nature of planetary influences with the late Buz Myers, I now have a reasonably good intuitive gut feeling sense of when a Mercury retrograde is approaching without using an ephemeris (astrological timetable). I am also well acquainted with Pluto and Saturn effects.
  6. I am a very curious person and will research all sorts of bits just for fun. I once got a freelance gig to research the business spheres of  shopping malls, toy and hobby stores, and architectural firms. Sounds boring, but I had a great time!
  7. I find joy and beauty everywhere because I look for them. You won’t find them if you don’t bother to look.

These are just some of the many wonderful bits about me.  I am happy being me and I sincerely hope you are happy being you!

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life…..

(Life of Brian, Monty Python) 


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