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The biggest illusion going is Separation.

There  is a part of the mind that wants everything boxed up with a tidy bow and a name stuck to it. It does not rest until it determines the category and slaps a label on what it has experienced. It wants the security of the known/labeled.

In making all these labels, it creates division, separateness, categories. It thinks that by labeling everything outside of itself it has created a safer more secure way of being.

This is an illusion.

Lincoln once said “If you call a tail a leg, how many legs has a dog? Five? No, calling a tail a leg don’t make it a leg.”

So, while part of you runs around like a label-gun freak, another part is content to accept the underlying unity of all things. That phrase “of all things” is just a sop to the label freak.

Everything is energy. Everything is energy vibrating at different rates and in different dimensional/planar relations. It’s all wav-icles, existing as a wave, a flow, until label freak insists it isn’t and  forces its version of reality which only can see particles.  But with quantum physics,  those particles are shown to have an unpredictable nature, that label freak can’t abide.

So, to see what’s really going on, you have to give the label freak a vacation, give it the night/morning off and  just hang with unity,  just be the wave, be the ripple moving through.

This is the kind of experience meditating folks are after when they ignore the “monkey-mind” (label freak) and allow themselves to restfully focus on what  is. The depth of the comfort and security found in resonating with the all-that-is is unknown and cannot be known by the label freak.

Why am I explaining all this? In part so label freak will understand that it can’t go with you when you meditate, but that you appreciate its “mad skillz” in negotiating the day-to-day reality where everyone’s label freaks go to schmooze  and create their (illusory) fiefdoms of the separate selves.

As yoga grows in popularity so does the sanskrit word – Namaste.  Namaste essentially is a recognition of the divinity/goodness/unity/wave within everyone.  It’s a reminder to both folks hearing it of the non-separation.



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