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Wandering paintingHi,
My favorite painting just came home. It’s been very busy since I painted it in 1994. I was in the habit of lending my paintings where I thought they’d do some good, and putting them up for sale when they felt like they needed to go to folks I didn’t know. This painting went to folks who needed heart-healing of some sort. The first guy who had it finally married in his late 40s, then gave it to me and before I even had a chance to take it out of my car that evening, it went immediately to someone who was working on their own healing process, then later to someone working through a difficult relationship. Most recently, it was being stored at a house that sold much faster than expected, so it was returned to me before their packing/moving started.
The photo only “sorta” captures the painting. The painting was done with Liquitex paint that reflects differently depending on your position relative to the surface.



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I just found out about a very cool movie about a guy turning his life around, with the help of the folks working at a San Francisco vegan cafe – Cafe Gratitude.
I really liked the trailers and i¬†thought I’d let y’all know to be on the look out for sponsored screenings near you.
It’s still mostly west coast, but they’re looking for folks to sponsor showings and get more exposure for rhe film.

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