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Last week, I took a couple hours to listen to  listen to Esther, Jerry Hicks , and Abraham as channeled by Esther. Hays House, their publisher did a 2 hour call-in event with them, in conjunction with their new book on the Vortex. 

I quickly realized what they call the Vortex, I call the Void. Void may sound empty, but in my way of understanding, it’s the starting  place for all the stuff folks manifest, whether they mean to or not. (I don’t experience a spinning with it, so I’ll keep my name for it.) 

In any case, they made some very good points from the variety of  situations called in.  Folks would call in tar-baby-stuck to their problems and wanting to talk about their problems. Yep. Problems are some serious business when you’re giving them all of your energy.

Abraham would unwind them a bit and  show them that it’s the higher vibe solution you want to spend the time  and energy on, not the low vibe problem.

Borrowing sideways from Carolyn Myss- where is all that problem focused energy going? to the past to hold you stuck there longer? to the  future – carrying the past over to the other side? Or can you loosen up enough from all that stuck-ness to see that the present is where the Void lives and anything is possible through the choices made in the present.

So in the present moment,  switch your energy flow. Cut the attention juice going to the problem (past or future) and redirect the flow to raising your present vibration to match a better direction, to match what you really want in your life. You don’t need to know every detail about it, you just need to bring up your feelings into the joy-bliss mode and hold space for what you’d prefer to be happening in your life. Void can now get busy heading you in the better direction now that you’ve shown it the higher energy to start building something better for you. 

Don’t get me wrong, the more specific, the more you believe/energize/intend this manifestation to be real NOW in your life, the faster things can come flying in for you. But you don’t have to have all the details when you start. You just need to start- now!

Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause every little thing gonna be alright… (Bob Marley)

You can’t manifest for someone else, you can’t have a power-over thing as your intention without manifesting negative karma. It’s a free-will world out there, and forcing your intentions on anyone else is way-un-cool.

For example, you can manifest a loving relationship, but you can’t choose who shows up for it.  Showing up for it is the free will choice of the other possible persons. 

You can send folks energy to use with the intention that it goes for their highest and best good.  That’s what healing prayers are about. But it’s up to them to accept that the healing is possible. 

That’s why closed-minded skeptics prove themselves right over and over. They create their own reality where they expend lots of energy blocking anything “woo-woo” that could ever happen near them.  (They usually have a high degree of control-freak-itude – if it can’t be controlled (or appear to be controlled) they don’t want it near them)

I’ve seen (with confirmation from other sources) someone be fully healed yet because they were so aligned to their past health victim role, they died shortly after. You can manifest a healing for yourself, but you also have to be ready to accept what that really means in your life. It’s all about free-will choices made in the present moment.

Carolyn Myss talks about why people don’t heal. For the most part,  it’s because they’re not ready to give up the attention and concern that being sick, being a victim buys them. They have a low-vibe groove, a rut, and for them, there’s more comfort in the known than the unknown.

As another channeled guy- Seth- once said- the point of power is Now. And Ram Dass said Be here, now.

Both guys were pointing to the fact that if you want to connect into the power of the Now,  you have to choose to be there. errrr, Here. (grin)

That’s what meditation is about- holding the sense of what is exactly *-now-* Meditating builds those “now-muscles” so that you can better focus on “what condition your condition is in” (vanilla fudge) and raise your vibe/energy in the now, to show the Void the best juice to build your intentions/prefered manifestations. 

You can also go *-here-* by going into the flow doing a creative/blissful thing where you have no past/future sense, just surfing the Now.

Abraham (channeled by Hicks) essentially said that the more time you spend vibrationally aligned to your solution, the more you attract the elements that support its manifestation.

To borrow the cliched parking spot example, it’s not enough to “see” the parking spot, you have to align to/be in the joy you have in finding it. You have to “know” that it’s real.

Well, that’s my ramble on manifestation. Destiny is always yours to manifest. It’s a free-will world y’all. Beautiful and existentially terrifying as it is.



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The biggest illusion going is Separation.

There  is a part of the mind that wants everything boxed up with a tidy bow and a name stuck to it. It does not rest until it determines the category and slaps a label on what it has experienced. It wants the security of the known/labeled.

In making all these labels, it creates division, separateness, categories. It thinks that by labeling everything outside of itself it has created a safer more secure way of being.

This is an illusion.

Lincoln once said “If you call a tail a leg, how many legs has a dog? Five? No, calling a tail a leg don’t make it a leg.”

So, while part of you runs around like a label-gun freak, another part is content to accept the underlying unity of all things. That phrase “of all things” is just a sop to the label freak.

Everything is energy. Everything is energy vibrating at different rates and in different dimensional/planar relations. It’s all wav-icles, existing as a wave, a flow, until label freak insists it isn’t and  forces its version of reality which only can see particles.  But with quantum physics,  those particles are shown to have an unpredictable nature, that label freak can’t abide.

So, to see what’s really going on, you have to give the label freak a vacation, give it the night/morning off and  just hang with unity,  just be the wave, be the ripple moving through.

This is the kind of experience meditating folks are after when they ignore the “monkey-mind” (label freak) and allow themselves to restfully focus on what  is. The depth of the comfort and security found in resonating with the all-that-is is unknown and cannot be known by the label freak.

Why am I explaining all this? In part so label freak will understand that it can’t go with you when you meditate, but that you appreciate its “mad skillz” in negotiating the day-to-day reality where everyone’s label freaks go to schmooze  and create their (illusory) fiefdoms of the separate selves.

As yoga grows in popularity so does the sanskrit word – Namaste.  Namaste essentially is a recognition of the divinity/goodness/unity/wave within everyone.  It’s a reminder to both folks hearing it of the non-separation.


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