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I  am always amused to see the Fool in readings. He, the Hermit, Death, and the Tower have been good buddies, showing up (as the voting joke goes) early and often, reflecting my internal shifts.

It’s sort of a cycle- Hermit to understand what needs to changed, endure the tumult of the Tower in the change, leave the outgrown snake skins behind in Death (see Motherpeace deck), and when you’re not sure what’s next, settle into the Fool.

It mirrors a healing mantra I developed for myself, to remind myself how best to receive. Receiving can be hard for me, at times. The four word mantra I came up with was: ALLOW, ACCEPT, RECEIVE, RELEASE.
Allow is about that moment of even letting someone see that you might need help. Allow is about taking down the walls and being present in the moment.
Accept is what it sounds like – accept that someone else is actually willing/able to help you. Accept is the threshold of receive.
Receive is full receptivity to whatever is being offered, without judgement.
Release is returning that which is no longer of use to you back to the universe. It may be something you release, it may be return of an unsuitable gift, it may be the burning up –the transmutation of something through the healing process. 

The Fool is all about the Allow. He represents the playful allowance, for me, that perhaps (let’s be real- usually) I have much more to learn in many different ways — in spite of my Mensan IQ and university degrees. The intellect/mind really gets in the way of moving forward at times.

The Allow/Fool has no preconceived notions about what’s next, no expectations. Logic is not useful to the Fool, other than to show its follies in building invalid conclusions. One of my favorite Fool characters was the British science fantasy figure, Doctor Who, a Time Lord who was aging backwards (youthing?). He would arrive somewhen, assess the local expectations, and do his best to allow for any possibility to shift the situation at hand, for the best of the human race. The non-sequitur was as handy as the sonic screwdriver for shifting the realities around. His genuine openness, with a touch of privately held discernment, led others to underestimate him, as he generally did not outwardly demonstrate power, in a commonly recognized form.

The Fool’s ability to wield the “what if?” without hesitation or expectation, is a vastly under-rated power.


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